About Us

The University of Calgary Press publishes peer-reviewed scholarly work that makes a difference. We disseminate research that makes us think, that moves the conversation forward. Our books explore a sense of place in western Canada, the relevance of history in our lives, and our impact on the world around us. We specialize in the following subject areas:

  • The West
  • Arctic and Northern Studies
  • Energy, Ecology and Sustainability
  • Canadian History and Environment 
  • Military and Strategic Studies
  • Contemporary Canadian Art and Architecture
  • African Studies 
  • Latin American & Caribbean Studies 
  • Film Studies

As a scholarly publisher, we feel a responsibility to ensure that the research of our authors is accessible to its widest possible audience. We therefore embrace open-access publishing and strive to make as many of our publications as possible available as open-access files that are free to anyone who wishes to download them.  With our authors' permission, titles are published under a Creative Commons license and will be available for free download in PDF format from individual book pages on our website.  Notice of the parameters of the Creative Commons licensing agreement have been placed at the beginning of each book and chapter PDF. Our open-access titles are also published in traditional book format and are available for purchase through bookstores and on-line retailers.  

We welcome manuscripts in our subject areas and accept submissions exclusively through the on-line submission portion of our website

The University of Calgary Press is proud to be a part of the Centre for Scholarly Communication of the University of Calgary’s Libraries and Cultural Resources.