A Century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011

Claire Campbell (Editor)

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458 pages
19 maps, 44 colour and b&w images, notes, appendices, bibliography, index
Canadian History and Environment Series
April 2011

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About the Book

"... a diverse and fascinating array of perspectives on the history of Canada's national parks, illuminating many less well-understood aspects of the evolving place of people in and near these parks." - Stephen Bocking, Professor and Chair, Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Trent University

When Canada created a Dominion Parks Branch in 1911, it became the first country in the world to establish an agency devoted to managing its national parks. Over the past century this agency, now Parks Canada, has been at the centre of important debates about the place of nature in Canadian nationhood and relationships between Canada's diverse ecosystems and its communities. Today, Parks Canada manages over forty parks and reserves totalling over 200,000 square kilometres and featuring a dazzling variety of landscapes, and is recognized as a global leader in the environmental challenges of protected places. Its history is a rich repository of experience, of lessons learned - critical for making informed decisions about how to sustain the environmental and social health of our national parks.

A Century of Parks Canada is published in partnership with NiCHE (Network in Canadian History and Environment; http://niche-canada.org/).

With Contributions By:
Ben Bradley
George Colpitts
Oliver Craig-Dupont
Lyle Dick
E. Gwyn Langemann
Alan MacEachern
I.S. MacLaren
Brad Martin
David Neufeld
Ronald Rudin
John Sandlos
C.J. Taylor
Bill Waiser

About the Author

Claire Campbell is an associate professor in the Department of History and the Coordinator of Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University. She is the author of Shaped by the West Wind: Nature and History in Georgian Bay and co-editor of Groundtruthing: Canada and the Environment, a special issue of the Dalhousie Review.

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Chapter 1: Governing a Kingdom: Parks Canada, 1911-2011 Claire Elizabeth Campbell0 Download
Chapter 2: M.B. Williams and the Early Years of Parks Canada Alan MacEachern0 Download
Chapter 3: Nature's Playgrounds: The Parks Branch and Tourism Promotion in the National Parks, 1911-1929 John Sandlos0 Download
Chapter 4: "A Questionable Basis for Establishing a Major Park": Politics, Roads, and the Failure of a National Park in British Columbia's Big Bend Country Ben Bradley0 Download
Chapter 5: "A Case of Special Privilege and Fancied Right": The Shack Tent Controversy in Prince Albert National Park Bill Waiser0 Download
Chapter 6: Banff in the 1960s: Divergent Views of the National Park Ideal C. J. Taylor0 Download
Chapter 7: Films, Tourists, and Bears in the National Parks: Managing Park Use and the Problematic "Highway Bum" Bear in the 1970s George Colpitts0 Download
Chapter 8: Hunting, Timber Harvesting, and Precambrian Beauties: The Scientific Reinterpretation of La Mauricie National Park's Landscape History, 1969-1975 Olivier Craig-Dupont0 Download
Chapter 9: Kouchibouguac: Representations of a Park in Acadian Popular Culture Ronald Rudin0 Download
Chapter 10: Kluane National Park Reserve, 1923-1974: Modernity and Pluralism David Neufeld0 Download
Chapter 11: Negotiating a Partnership of Interests: Inuvialuit Land Claims and the Establishment of Northern Yukon (Ivvavik) National Park Brad Martin0 Download
Chapter 12: Archaeology in the Rocky Mountain National Parks: Uncovering an 11,000-Year-Long Story E. Gwyn Langemann0 Download
Chapter 13: Rejuvenating Wilderness: The Challenge of Reintegrating Aboriginal Peoples into the "Playground" of Jasper National Park I. S. MacLaren0 Download
Epilogue by Lyle Dick0 Download
Appendix A: Canada's National Parks and National Park Reserves Download
Appendix B: National Park Zoning System, Parks Canada Agency Download
Notes on Contributors Download
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